Galileo's Dungeon

"...threatened, like Galileo in a Catholic dungeon, with torture."
Carl Sagan,Cosmos

Fortunately, we have the floor plan of the 5-room suite in the Palace of the Holy Office that had been assigned to Galileo(see image below) [_1_] . It wasn't much of a dungeon. It was about the size of the average American home (approximately 230 sq. m. or 2500 sq. ft.). Two of the rooms overlooked the Vatican Gardens. The suite came with a personal valet. The ante room (similar to a waiting room) allowed Galileo's valet to greet visitors before ushering them to meet him. Galileo was given two choices for food, eat his meals with the Cardinals of the Inquisition or to have his favoured Tuscan food and wine provided to him by the Tuscan Embassy. He chose the food and wine from the Tuscan Embassy ( see Galileo's Battle for the Heavens ).

Galileo's Vatican Suite

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1. Von Gebler, K., CK Paul and Company, Galileo Galilei and the Roman Curia, , pp. 209
von Gebler was allowed to visit Galileo's chambers and printed a diagram in his book about Galileo and the Roman Curia.